College Introduction

Established in October 1985, College of Economics and Management (CEM) of Nanjing Forestry University enjoys a long history, profound cultural deposits and obvious disciplinary advantage. Through strenuous development of nearly 30 years, CEM has become an important center for scientific research and personnel training integrating such disciplines as economics, management and law.

· CEM’s Faculty

As of December 2011, CEM boasts 80 full-time faculty members,who are responsible for providing bachelor’s, master’s doctorate and MBA education, based on rigorous and up-to-date academic research. With an important influence in the industry of economic management at home and abroad, the distinguishedprofessors of CEM assume such part-time academic posts as the deputy of Division of Ecological Economy of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), foreign member of Korean Forest Economics Association, executive member of Chinese Academy of Forestry Economy, fellow of America Academy of Financial Management, executive member of CLS Research Committee of Environment and Resource Law, member of China Association of International Trade, and executive member of Jiangsu Association of International Economy and Trade.

· CEM’s Students

CEM currently has an enrollment of over 2000 undergraduate, postgraduate and overseas students. Since its establishment, CEM has fostered and supplied over 10000 doctoral, master, undergraduate and junior-college students for China.

· CEM’s Academic Program

-Undergraduate Programs
CEM recruits promising young talent from home and abroad. It has 8 undergraduate majors. They are Agricultural and Forest Economics and Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, International Economics and Trade, Information Management and Information System, E-commerce and Law. Among them, Agricultural and Forest Economics and Management is a national-level characteristic major designated by the Ministry of Education, and Business Administration is a provincial characteristic major.

-Academic Postgraduate Program
Four disciplines of Agricultural and Forest Economics and Management, Corporate Management, Population, Resources and Environmental Economics and Management Science and Engineering have the right to award master degrees.
CEM’s discipline of Agricultural and Forest Economics and Management of our college has the right to award doctoral degrees.Besides, it has a postdoctoral mobile station of scientific research of agricultural and forest economics and management.

-Professional Postgraduate Program
CEM has the right to award Master of Business Administration (MBA), Project Management, Logistics Engineering, and Forestry Business Administration in such fields as Rural and Regional Development and Forestry Engineering.

· CEM’s Organizational Structure

CEM has 7 departments. They are Department of Agricultural and Forest Economics and management, Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, Management Science and Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Law and Marketing. CEMhas 5 Research Centers and Institutes. They are Research Center of Forest Product Economic Trade of the State Forestry Administration, Research Center of Business Administration and Development of NFU, Research Center of Modern Logistics of NFU, Research Center of Ecological Economy of NFU (a key research base for philosophy and social sciences in Jiangsu Province), and Research Institute of Environment and Development System Engineering of NFU.

· CEM’s International Collaboration

CEM has set up a desirable relationship of academic exchanges and cooperation with famous universities and institutes of scientific research in such countries as USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, Finland, South Korea and Sweden. CEM also has a scientific and reasonable mechanism for student training with world-famous universities including University of Toronto, UBC University, University of Washington, Oregon State University and Michigan State University.
CEMis trying to give full play to its leading role in the national discipline of Economic Management of Agriculture and Forestry. Through giving first priority to ecological environment and the sustainable development of economy, CEM will actively carry out scientific research and personnel training to make contributions to the national development of society and economy.

Welcome to become a member of College of Economics and Management of NFU.